Gaye Gould is a slightly mad, zany psychotherapist with ADHD – think Bridget Jones meets the Buddha. She is currently sequestered in her private practice in Toronto, Canada, learning how to cut and paste, Zoom and other fundamental basics in the world of technology. As a highly trained mental health professional she is attempting to use all of her skills to not murder her husband and children, instead re-directing her stir crazy inner mania, to overcome her aversion to all things technological, and launching The Compassion Junkie project.

Gaye Gould
The Author: Gaye Gould

Gaye is wanting to give back in this time of crisis and change. She will explore through her new-found digital journey how we can stay connected, show compassion to others and to oneself, in a time of great confusion, fear, sadness and disconnection. There will be many tips on how to keep your sanity and your relationships strong, and perhaps the odd recommendation on how women can learn to wax their own moustaches. Other forms of waxing, such as the Brazillian you’re on your own, as it goes against her principles of self-compassion!

Her soon-to-be published (and, finished, for that matter!) first book, The Compassion Junkie: From Diapers to Depends, It Never Ends!, is a memoir which chronicles the true, life-long adventures of Gaye, written over three ski seasons, after running away to Whistler, B.C. in radical acts of self-care.

The Inukshuk

The inukshuk is a human made stone landmark, originally used by the Inuit people of the north to show the way. They have also been transformed into a symbol of hope and friendship that transcends all borders, to reach people everywhere.

Today, the internet is doing that now, and we don’t have to channel our inner stone mason,  find stones, and form them into the shape of a guide person, but I think this iconic image is perfect, during these weeks of great change.

My hope for sending you this blog is that you feel inspired to have compassionate connection for those around you, and those you long to be with, but have to stay distant for a time, and most importantly have compassion for yourself. I intend to be with you and guide the way with humor and care. Be curious about the changes you are experiencing, especially the changes within. Crisis can bring incredible personal growth. 


The Compassion Junkie